Lake Sakakawea Fishing Guide

Lake Sakakawea Fishing Reports

Lake Sakakawea Fishing GuideCome fishing with our Lake Sakakawea fishing guide as we chase walleyes, pike, and smallmouth bass.  Lake Sakakawea has more shoreline than the state of California! In the Spring of the year we base our operation out of New Town North Dakota. Depending on the weather and the wind we may switch up which boat ramp we launch out of. On a body of water the size of Sakakawea the weather can throw us some curve balls. We roll with the punches and make it work out. We will alternate between pitching and dragging jigs tipped with plastics in shallow water and trolling crank baits shallow as well. There is times in the Spring that livebait will outperform the artificial but it is rare. Water temperature is the key component to success this time of year. As the summer progresses we move down the lake towards the Van Hook area. Once we get into the Van Hook area we are normally pulling spinners and live bait rigs along with trolling crank baits. As the season progresses and the fishing slows out west we find ourselves in Garrison ND. We see a large migration of fish that were out West chasing their favorite forage the smelt. The area around Garrison has deeper cooler water the smelt prefer and are more comfortable in. The walleyes are not far behind. This time of year we will use spinners on bottom bouncers with live bait and artificial. Slow death is always a favorite as well. I also pull a lot of crankbaits this time of year to cover water and find the active fish. As the fish scatter throughout the system this time of year it pays big dividends to be efficient and cover water. We might even get lucky and hook into a salmon! The fishing on Sakakawea is world class and only looks to get better in the years to come. I'm excited to see what this body of Ester has to offer every time I put the boat in the water!  We'd love to be your Lake Sakakawea fishing guide, feel free to give us a shout to book or ask questions.