Lake Oahe 2/21/18

Hey guys, the fishing south of Bismarck on Lake Oahe has been nothing short of amazing. Good Fishing is a relative term but when you’re able to get out and fish with the opportunity to catch a trophy of 3 different species all out of one hole it’s tough to beat! The crappie fishing on the back bays has been really good to exceptional some days. Find the edge of the channel preferably with some timber below your hole and your should be in for a treat. Small tungsten jigs paired with plastics have been my best bet day in and day out. The walleyes have cooperated nicely as well. They have been found more out of the current up on the flats where you would expect them to be roaming and feeding. We haven’t caught any real big fish but a couple in the 25″-26″ range. I have heard reports of a few over the 28″ mark caught near where I’ve been fishing. Rattle spoons and jigging style baits like the rapala jigging rap and the Phantom Tilly have been good producers. I think the rattle in the Tilly draws more fish in as of late. The trophy pike on tip ups have been found in the 7′-10′ of water. Again they don’t like current at all so they are in the slack water areas. Tip ups with smelt have been my best presentation. I generally will set up a couple of these and then go search for my crappies and walleye. These are more of a bonus fish. Please remember these trophy pike are 15+ years old and deserve a good photo session and then to be released. If you want to keep pike to eat the smaller 3-5 pound fish are ideal for that. Targeting the trophy fish for pickling purposes is irresponsible. You will go home with plenty of fish you don’t need a 20 pound pike to fill your jars. These are a resource we’re fortunate to have and releasing them ensures the opportunity to catch them tomorrow. I’ll make sure you get a good photo of your trophy.

One bay I’ve been fishing in I’ve noticed more and more people leaving garbage on the ice. Please pickup after yourself. The outdoor experience is available to all of us and no one wants to look at your mess or clean up after you.

Take a kid fishing, they will thank you!!

Give me a call to book your Lake Oahe fishing adventure!

Thanks, Jerad Newgard